Where Does Parent Coaching Take Place?

The greatest aspect about parent coaching is that it can happen any time over the phone regardless of where you are – and I will call you, saving you any long distance phone charges. If you live in the Greater Los Angeles area and would like to meet in person, I can make that work too.

How Long Can You Expect Coaching To Take?

I ask for a minimum commitment of eight sessions before deciding if the work is over. For some clients, once their identified goals are reached, they know they are finished. Others want support over a longer period of time. Your sense of completion will be apparent to both of us and I will support your decision to move on unequivocally. I recommend that for the first month we work weekly, and then move to bi-weekly if it makes sense to do so. Many parents have too much on their plate and coaching them every other week gives them time to practice and implement ideas. On the other hand, parents who want a more focused approach with faster results choose to work weekly for the duration of their coaching sessions.

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