How Do I Work?

Parent coaching is a unique and creative way to support you day-to-day as you raise your children. During one-hour coaching conversations, we will discover what is working in your current situation, and what may be causing you some concern. My unique approach combines educating you about what is developmentally appropriate and acceptable for your child and/or children, and guiding you as you define your vision for your family. Once you are clear about your parenting goals, we begin co-creating the steps that help you realize your dream.

My broad background in education combined with my real-life experiences have taught me to listen intently, ask key questions, provide information, and offer specific suggestions to help you implement new attitudes and strategies in your child’s life and your own.

What Can You Expect From the Parent Coaching Process?

Through the coaching process you will receive validation, understanding, compassion, and unconditional support. You can expect questions and answers that may surprise or challenge you, as well as a lot of relevant information that will help you re-define problems with spontaneous ideas, which often bring easy solutions. You can also expect to laugh more, have greater confidence, and be easier on yourself and your children. Our partnership will create a positive synergy, creativity, lots of fun, and joy for you and your children! You will also get complete confidentiality.