Greater Cooperation, effective communication and more joy are just around the corner!

Are your kids driving you crazy? Are you overwhelmed, exhausted, constantly nagging, or yelling, and wondering why you can’t get them to cooperate or simply  listen to you? Are you bribing, threatening or punishing just to get compliance; is it working? Do you go to bed at night feeling frustrated by the constant power struggles with those you love the most? Do the demands of your career, the needs of your children and the challenges of managing a household make your head spin? Do you feel ill equipped to parent in today’s high tech society? Do you lack support systems? Do you want help?

You’re not alone, and I can help!

Keep reading, because greater cooperation, effective communication and more joy are just around the corner when you decide to work with me. The parents I work with are highly motivated, thoughtful, smart people who want more for their family. If you can see the value in creating and sustaining positive family relationships I am the parent coach for you.  Together we will uncover the wonderful parent I know you are. You will find greater confidence as you learn more about your children and yourself.

As your compassionate and non-judgmental guide I will support and assist you as you find the best way to overcome the issues that cause stress in your home. My no-nonsense approach will help you master the skills needed for gaining greater cooperation, better communication and positive discipline that will serve all the stages of your family’s growth and development. Some of the things I can help your family with are:

  • Positive discipline
  • Limit setting and consistency
  • Conflict resolution that works
  • Follow through that works
  • Sibling rivalry and new baby issues
  • Parenting as spouses and partners — how important is agreement?
  • Creating a media literate home by setting healthy limits around the use of electronics
  • Organization skills for effective family living and parenting
  • Establishing and maintaining a routine
  • Sleep issues
  • Potty training
  • Stopping the insanity — how to eliminate temper tantrums
  • Eliminating back talk
  • Coping with adolescence
  • Resources and referrals

What are you waiting for? Call me today to schedule your complimentary strategy session.