Marni has been able to help me dissect the ‘issues’, as I would have originally called them, with Marcus to understand the underlying causes and motivation on his part and to come up with my strategies for handling the situations to everyone’s benefit.  This process has most importantly given me the confidence to slow down, think about what is happening and to handle situations and to not be afraid of the future!   I do feel that this has been a very guided process rather than Marni just telling me the answer and ‘formula’, which has allowed me to understand that I do have the instincts to confront parenting challenges confidently.
~Sarah Sackett, San Diego, CA

Marni Parsons is like a lighthouse, a beacon on the dark sea that parenting can be!
~Sara Houghton, Seattle, WA

I think the most valuable attribute that I took away from my coaching sessions with Marni was that she built my confidence in myself and my parenting skills and that reassures me that I am doing a good job parenting my son!
~Leslie Daily, Ojai, CA

Thanks for reminding me that I needed to take care of myself before I can take good care of my family.  The parenting classes were invaluable.  It gave me confidence in dealing with my 2 kids.  You gave me some valuable tools that I can pull out of my back pocket at all times.  Thanks for your patience and your insights.
~Eugenie Lago, Culver City, CA

Marni has been instrumental in my journey as a mother of boy/girl twins. I met Marni as the co-director/ teacher of my children’s preschool. In the three years at the school I learned a lot through her coaching and by observing her work with children.  Recently, I took a parenting series she presented and it was very helpful in giving me practical steps to address challenging scenarios we were experiencing. Marni is a natural as a coach, she is a good listener and really knows how to ask questions that add light to the situation. She is a great resource.
~Linda Germain, Culver City, CA